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Politicians Comfortable With Using War Languages–Onaiyekan



Politicians Comfortable With Using War Languages--Onaiyekan

The political game like it’s usually called is very well as dirty as it can get and for Catholic bishop, John Onaiyekan, Nigerian politicians are okay with instigating conflict through war words as long as it gets them a victory at the polls.

Cardinal John Onaiyekan, the emeritus archbishop of the Abuja Catholic Archdiocese, has cautioned politicians against using “warlike language” and steadfastly pursuing victory in the next general elections next year.

While appearing on Sunday Politics on Channels Television, Cardinal Onaiyekan issued the caution.

The National Peace Committee member and cleric stated that it is not democratic for candidates to insist on winning the upcoming general elections at all costs.

The Archbishop highlighted that some politicians frequently employ confrontational rhetoric in their campaigns and said that such a campaign would not advance the country.

“For politicians, I will beg them. Enough of lies, enough of insistence that we must win, because there are politicians who keep saying we must win this election, whatever it takes, we will win.

“That kind of language is not democratic; it is the language of those who are going to war,” he said.