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Arthur Eze Under Fire Over Peter Obi Comments



Arthur Eze Under Fire Over Peter Obi Comments

Arthur Eze, a politician from Nigeria, has drawn harsh condemnation for remarks he made about Mr. Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party.

Arthur Eze claimed to have persuaded Obi to drop out of the race since he was unable to win at the 2022 Ofala festival of his brother, Igwe Robert Eze, the traditional monarch of the Ukpo kingdom.

However, both fans and detractors of Obi have swarmed on Arthur Eze, claiming that his backing is insufficient, especially given that he has never backed a successful presidential candidate or even been able to deliver a governor in his native state.

On social media, several of Obi’s fans said that the wealthy politician simply had money and nothing else, and other supporters chastised him for backing an outsider over his own brother.

In the meantime, Mr. Olisa Metuh, a former PDP publicity secretary, has counseled Eze to stay away from politics in order to escape notoriety.

Metuh, imitating Arthur Eze, called Obi “My dear Princh” and insisted that everyone should pay attention to their candidate and leave Obi alone.

He said:

“Some of us are now non-partisan and will no longer make public comments on our political choices but then, we are not expected to make certain categorical statements. For indeed, no man is God and no man should attempt to play the Almighty role.

“God has blessed you for decades, you have acquired untold riches and unimaginable wealth. Calm down and do not allow political punditry to lead you to infamy and public opprobrium.

“Let all the mini Amadiohas in our land campaign for their candidates and leave that poor man alone.”

He recalled how, in similar circumstances, Anambra power brokers had opposed him in earlier elections that he had run for but won.

Metuh stated that Obin has been often accused of lacking structure and a following, but he has let them all down, adding that only God knows who the next victor will be.