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Elon The Way Came A Musk: The Dilemma centered on the Twitter take over




At a time when social media drives the narrative and trend, something rears up from the wind, or let’s say; the Musk to destabilize the social media narratives itself. And guess what? It’s the wind or rather the Musk himself—Elon Musk.

The man has been in the trend for weeks and unwittingly driving the narrative one way or the other. And that was prior to him doing the diabolical—setting the whole internet on fire with the high profile purchase of Twitter, for (coughs) $44 Billion dollar whooping amount to become a major shareholder with a 9.2% stake in the company. Now that’s stellar, and frightening; considering the western world is on its hinge, particularly America.

Narratives are been peddled, many resulting from the ‘Why’, and the ‘What’ implications this buy out might result in. Is it to control the trends? A politically motivated set up to clamp down on the Leftist world; or as some people derogatorily claim; the woke world? Across the internet, questions are been debated on as to the changes that may rise from this sudden ownership. Some believe it’s an act to control news and media flow as some might claim enviously, ‘if you want to remain in the public eye, buy the eye’. The narrative goes on to stress on the point that a new Twitter algorithm might be set to limit certain political campaigns on minority groups and likes from gaining the luxury of the media eye as Elon Musk is seen as a business mind who would rather focus more on the business aspect of the platform than the socio-political angles.

But Elon Musk disagrees though. Before now, his claim regarding changes he will make are on the fact duplicitous Twitter accounts masquerading as high profile individuals will be taken down and banned, and working towards making the platform safe from hacktivists and the likes. In lay terms, Musk says, he is coming to wipe of the fraud that persists on the platform. It is what it is, the global age has provided so many debates, and with that, few reasons to trust.

Sure, Musk does know how to set the stage on fire with fire extinguishers. He has been on the news in relation to the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp high profile Defamation Court debacle before now; as he had been alleged to have had some relationship (romantic?) with Depp’s ex, and the chimes say he might come in to testify for the Actress in the on-going case. Although that remains to be seen as the Amber/Depp debacle is still on-going. But buying Twitter out of nowhere? That sure comes out of the wind; or Musk. And the platform has soared in ratings hours after the news broke out. A positive?

However the narrative goes, it’s very much certain, Elon Musk will remain in the news even longer as the days come and go. Will public opinion be effected or affected? Will the business aspect of Twitter triumph farther than the socio-political aspect, or more of an improved and updated platform? It remains to be seen. Changing times are coming, and the world is going to have a feel of the Musk.