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One dead, many injured in Napoli title celebration



One dead, many injured in Napoli title celebration

It may have been a title triumph that’s memorable for Napoli but with the aftermath of the celebration, the celebrations wouldn’t be seen in positive light.

Naples erupted into celebrations on Thursday night following Napoli’s victory in the Serie A, with fans taking to the streets to rejoice in the city’s first title win in 33 years. However, the night was marred by violence and tragedy, as one person was killed and over 200 injured during the celebrations.

According to media reports, a 26-year-old man died after being shot, and three others were injured in the same incident. It is not yet clear if the shooting was related to the football celebrations or if it was criminal activity. The victim was reportedly linked to a local mafia clan, and police are investigating the incident.

In addition to the shooting, over 200 people were taken to hospital overnight with injuries sustained during the celebrations. These included knife wounds, burns from firecrackers, and asthma attacks caused by inhaling smoke from flares.

Despite the violence, thousands of fans continued to celebrate Napoli’s victory in the streets, with many gathering at the Stadio Maradona in Naples and other locations around southern Italy’s biggest city. Napoli’s 1-1 draw at Udinese on Thursday evening secured their third league title, with a record-equalling five games still to play.

The celebrations were a long time coming for Napoli fans, who have waited over three decades to see their team lift the Serie A trophy. The victory is a significant milestone for the club, which has struggled to compete with the likes of Juventus and AC Milan in recent years.

The incident has once again highlighted the problem of violence and hooliganism in Italian football, which has been a persistent issue for many years.

The authorities will no doubt be looking closely at the events of Thursday night and considering what measures can be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.