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“We are sorry if you felt offended” — Napoli to Victor Osimhen



"We are sorry if you felt offended" -- Napoli to Victor Osimhen

Napoli Football Club has released an official statement in response to the recent controversy that arose from a TikTok video on Victor Osimhen that was shared by the club’s official handle.

The statement was made in an effort to clarify the club’s position and intentions amid accusations of disrespect towards the player.

“Calcio Napoli, wishing to avoid any exploitation of the issue, point out that we never wanted to offend or mock Victor Osimhen, who is a treasure of this club,”

In the statement, Napoli emphasized their utmost respect and admiration for Victor Osimhen, describing him as a “treasure” of the club.

They went on to highlight their commitment to retaining the player, citing their rejection of numerous transfer offers during the summer training retreat.

“As proof of that, during the summer training retreat, the Club firmly rebuffed every offer that was received for the striker’s transfer abroad,”

The club acknowledged the role of social media, particularly platforms like TikTok, in employing an expressive and often lighthearted form of language and creativity.

“Social media, in particular TikTok, has always used an expressive form of language with a light heart and creativity, without wanting to, as in the case with Osimhen as protagonist, have any intention of insult or derision,”

Napoli insisted that any actions or comments made on social media, even those involving Osimhen, were not intended to insult or ridicule the player in any way.

Furthermore, Napoli expressed their regret if Victor Osimhen had perceived any offense from their actions or statements, reiterating that such an outcome was never their intention.

“In any case, if Victor perceived any offence towards him, this was not what the club intended,”