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No more ‘El Clasico’ between Real Madrid and Barcelona



No more 'El Clasico' between Real Madrid and Barcelona

In a surprising turn of events, the iconic term “El Clasico” has been stripped from Real Madrid and Barcelona, as a recent legal ruling has prohibited both LaLiga giants from using the term to promote their highly anticipated matches against each other.

According to reports from Relevo, the Patent and Trademark Office in Spain has delivered a verdict that denies the two renowned football clubs the right to utilize the term “El Clasico” when referring to their encounters. The ruling was based on the premise that there exists a risk of confusion between the usage of the term by Real Madrid and Barcelona, and its established association with La Liga.

LaLiga, the governing body of Spanish football, has already adopted the term “ElClasico” to describe the fiercely contested match between the two teams. However, the Patent and Trademark Office asserted that this term has already become deeply entrenched in the public consciousness and is widely recognized, making it inappropriate for Real Madrid and Barcelona to trademark it.

Forbes also highlighted that the office presented the argument that if the two clubs were allowed to secure the trademark for “El Clasico,” it would create an unwarranted association between their specific use of the term and the long-standing trademark held by La Liga. Consequently, the application by Real Madrid and Barcelona to trademark the phrase has been denied.

“El Clasico” has long been synonymous with the fierce rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona, generating tremendous excitement and anticipation among football fans worldwide. The encounter has become one of the most iconic fixtures in the sporting world, capturing the attention of millions of spectators with its thrilling displays of skill and passion.

Although the legal ruling prevents Real Madrid and Barcelona from officially using the term “El Clasico,” it is anticipated that the matches between these two football powerhouses will continue to captivate audiences and maintain their significance in the footballing calendar.

The decision has sparked debates among fans and pundits alike, with some questioning the need for such restrictions, while others argue that preserving the exclusivity of the term within La Liga’s domain is essential for maintaining its historical and cultural significance.

As the football world absorbs this surprising ruling, fans eagerly await the next chapter of the storied rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona, confident that regardless of the absence of the “El Clasico” term, the intensity and spectacle of their encounters will endure.