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Lionel Messi takes his tricks to the Movie Industry



Lionel Messi takes his tricks to the movies

Lionel Messi is set to be a movie actor.

We’ve known him as a footballer. We knew it at Barcelona, and we’ve come to know him at Paris Saint Germain.

But there’s one facet we have never known football magician, Lionel Messi for, and that’s as an actor.

Sure, he won’t be the first or let alone the only footballer or athlete to make the transition from Football to Film; Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Vinnie Jones have all made the transition.

But seeing a personality like Messi ‘s take on an acting gig, is one to cause some raised eyebrows.

The Argentine star is set to appear in a Disney + television series, Les Protectores that is streamlined to debut next year 2023.

Messi is set to play himself, and in a short  the clip to promote the series, he  was shown meeting the series’ protagonists at a luxury hotel in Paris.

“Messi has really surprised us all. Not only because of his human qualities, but also because of his acting,” one of the actors, Andres Parra said.

“I think he’s even better off the pitch than on it, so you can imagine what he really is,” another actor in the series, Gustavo Bermudez said.

The world is about to be introduced to a new side of Lionel Messi, and this time very much not on the pitch.