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Former Manchester United Player Interested in Buying The Club



Former Manchester United Player Interested in Buying The Club

He may have played for the Premier League’s biggest side before in the early stages of his career, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to own Manchester United now that the Glazers have revealed their intentions of selling the club following recent criticisms of their management of the club.

For the footballing world, it will be considered as one of the Premier League’s shockers should the former Manchester United player come true with his ambitions of buying off the club from its American owners, the Glazer family.

That player is known other than premier league icon, David Beckham, who himself is already a football club owner in the United States with Inter Miami.

The former Premier League legend, David Beckham, has been revealed as expressing interest in leading other prospective buyers for Manchester United.

The Glazer family has declared that United are for sale, just a few weeks after former star Cristiano Ronaldo made some discoveries about the team to the public.

The sale of the Red Devils will also be handled by Raine Group, who earlier this year arranged the £4.25 billion sale of Chelsea.

Former Manchester United Player Interested in Buying The Club

Beckham, a co-owner of Inter Miami of the Major League Soccer in the United States, expressed interest in purchasing Manchester United, his former team.

According to the Financial Times, Beckham is now willing to speak with prospective United purchasers, who might include the former England star as a member of a consortium.

The Financial Times was informed by a source close to the former midfielder that Beckham had previously been contacted by prospective Manchester United suitors.

Considering his legendary status at the club, David Beckham pulling off a stunner to inherit the club from the Glazers would in fact be a stunner nobody within the game could have predicted or saw coming.

However there are reasonable doubts the Englishman would come top amongst other bidders coming after the Glazers for the club.