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How Juliana Olayode lost her virginity, other things we learnt from her “REBIRTH” book



It took us some hours to complete reading the much anticipated 150 pages book, “REBIRTH” by Nollywood actress Juliana Olayode aka Toyo baby of Jenifa’s diary and it was worth the read. You can order your copy here (HERE).

The 23 chapter book has detailed revelations about the good, bad and ugly aspects of her life. We thought to share the part below with you.

1) At 17, she lost her virginity to her married music teacher

Juliana gave detailed narration of how she lost her virginity to her married music teacher at 17, how he brainwashed her into believing he would marry her.

The day finally came. He wanted to move the date because he was expecting some
money that he wanted to use to pay for a good hotel, but moving it would mean my mum
back from church. So, he settled for a cheap hotel. I still remember the smell of cigarette
that filled the room. I hated the smell of alcohol and cigarette; I still do. We had to wait at
the reception for the room to be cleaned and aired.
So, we went back into the room, and it happened. It was a painful experience for me.
I cried at different points and he kept apologising, begging me to keep my voice down
lest they think he was raping me. He told me to relax and bear the pain. In his words, “do
not be a weak woman”. That got at me because I hated feeling or being treated as weak.I asked for a break. He tutored me some more and tried again until he finally got
through. It was not anything like he had told me it would be. I saw no clouds, I made no
sounds, I felt nothing special. It was painful all the way, but it was obvious he was
When he was done, I checked the bed for blood. I screamed! There was no blood!
He told me that not all virgins saw blood. I was so confused, but chose to believe him
anyway. Soon after, he slept, and I was there crying. Why didn’t I see blood? Even if not
all virgins see blood, why should I be on that list? How would I tell the story of losing my
virginity without blood? Who would believe me that I was actually a virgin?

2) A Pastor once tried to abuse her sexually!

Juliana also revealed that one of her pastors sexually abused her one time

I got to church and it was just the pastor there. I assumed he was the one who picked
his children from school that day as they were still in their school uniforms and they werewith him in church. He told me to come into his office and asked his children to go into
the car.
In his office, he asked me if I read the scriptures he gave me and if I observed my
prayer time. I told him I did. So he then claimed God told him I needed a spiritual bath
and that I had to take my clothes off. He claimed his office had been supernaturally made
a spiritual bathroom. He wanted to wash away the dirty water that was poured on me in
my dream.
As he spoke those words, I began to cry. Was my case that critical? Why would God
want me to have a bath in the pastor’s office? Couldn’t God wash me without me taking
off my clothes? Why all these complications?
The pastor told me to stop crying and that I should follow God’s instructions
through him. He said he would excuse me so God could do the sanctification. He left his office. I shut the door, made sure the windows were locked and put the curtains down. I
was naked in his office. He had told me how to pray and I prayed. I cried as I did.
I saw the door handle moving so I quickly got up, and got dressed. I opened the
door and he came in with oil. He claimed again that God asked him to anoint my body
from head to toe. So, the anointing session started. He anointed my head, my eyes, and
was moving down. When he got to my chest, he did the sign of the cross and wanted to
proceed to touch me. I stopped him and told him to put the oil in my hand. I would
anoint myself.
He told me to lie down, that he wanted to anoint me down there. It was at the point
when he wanted to anoint me, I remembered I had forgotten to wear my pant when I
hurriedly dressed up. At that time, I also remembered the dirty things Mr. F used to talk
about. It was then my eyes were opened and I knew what this man was trying to do to me.
I got upset, took my bag and left immediately.

3)  A meeting with Mercy Aigbe charged her life

Talking about how controversial actress, Mercy Aigbe’s words changed her life, she wrote:

Someday last year, I met Mercy Aigbe through one of my friends that works with
her, Tosin Odusanya. She was very pleasant and kind. She answered many of my
questions and gave me some serious words of advice. I could tell she was talking from
At that time, I had just been written out of the Jenifa’s Diary TV series. I told her
about my desire to change my social media account name from Toyo Baby to another
name I wanted to push. I explained my fears and struggles.
After listening to me, she encouraged me on my stand as a Christian, asked me to
stay out of scandals and told me to maintain good relationships in the industry. In
response to my change of name, she told me sternly, “Do not confuse your fans. You
worked hard for that name. You gave life to the Toyo Baby character. Ride on it!”
It was after my conversation with her, that I got more comfortable with people
calling me Toyo Baby everywhere and I watched God open doors for me. That meeting
with Mercy Aigbe was a great blessing to me.

4) She is only 22 years old!

Even though she looks and carries herself like a 30 years old lady, Juliana just turned 22, June, 2017!

I finished writing the first draft of this book some days to my birthday this year. I
th clocked twenty-two (22) on Wednesday, the 7 of June, 2017. So, you can easily deduce
th that I was born Wednesday, the 7 of June, 1995. Now, I would assume this is the most
shocking piece of information in this book. I have found out that the top question
people are asking Google about Juliana Olayode, is her age. Now, you know.

5) She was born in a CHURCH!

Julie also revealed how she was born in a church, she revealed how her mother went into labour for 3 days, and was taken to the church for prayers and later birthed her!

The last time she called me Aduragbemi was when she told me how I was born. She
was in labour for three days! She kept seeing a black cat and every time she saw it, she lost
her strength. The strange thing was she was the only one seeing the cat. The midwives did
not see it. They were beginning to think she had a problem.
On the third day, she asked to be taken to church. The head of the prayer team
prayed over a cup of water and gave her to drink. At that moment, my mum’s strength
was renewed and she stopped seeing the cat. That’s how I came into this beautiful world
at C.A.C. (Christ Apostolic Church), Oke-Iyanu, Ogba, Lagos. That was the reason
behind my name, Aduragbemi.

6) She started Menstruating on the 5th of April, 2010

On the 5 of April, 2010, I got home, took off my uniform and saw a blood stain.
At this time, I was in Senior Secondary School, at Babs Fafunwa Millenium, Ojodu,
Lagos. I did not remember having any injury and mum was not home.
When I discovered where the blood was coming from, I started crying. How would
I explain this to my mum? I kept cleaning, but it kept flowing. I hurried to Toyosi
Oyesile’s place. She asked what was wrong and I explained to her, perplexed at bleeding
non stop, without an injury. She laughed at me; she laughed so hard, she nearly choked on
her laughter. I was irritated at her insensitivity. I wanted to walk out when she pulled me
back, locked the door and said, “Congratulations. You’re now a woman”. She hugged me
very tight.

7) Her role in Jenifa’s diary gave her fame NOT Money!

She also revealed that her role in Janifa’s diary made her famous NOT rich, contrary to what people think! She also talked about how she hustled for Ushering jobs as low as 5k just to make ends meet after acting the Toyo baby’s role in the Comic Series

The plans my mum and I had were exaggerated. I was paid for the series, but the
money I received could not do all my mum and I had fantasized about. In retrospect, I
laugh at the things my mum had planned to do with the pay; we had big dreams.
I honestly did not know how big my role in Jenifa’s Diary would be when I got the
role. I thought I would be done after the first season. I was surprised when I was called
back season after season. I got so busy. Jenifa’s Diary practically became my life; I was
almost always on set.
Even though I was already acting in the Jenifa’s Diary TV series, whenever I got a
call for ushering jobs, I took them. I needed the extra pay. I did decent ushering jobs. I
had values I could not compromise. No club, bar or night ushering jobs. No jobs with
indecent outfits. I did the regular wedding, and concert jobs. The pay for decent ushering
jobs was as low as Five thousand Naira per job but for me it was worth it.
My mum was concerned for me, wondering why I would be on TV and still be going
for such cheap jobs. I told her I had to do so. I could not sit at home when not on set
doing nothing and I definitely was not going to sleep around. Dee did not like the idea
either, but he understood my position.
There were times I went for ushering jobs and people recognised me. I smiled at
them. At times, fellow ushers jeered at me, wondering what Toyo Baby was doing serving
as an usher with them. I always found a way of laughing my way out of the teasing.
I was living with the Adiguns at this time. TiTiMi always gave us monthly stipends.
Even if I asked for more before the next was due, I was sure they would give me, but I
wanted to make more money myself.
But eventually, the ushering job started getting very embarrassing. There was a day I
went all the way to Shagamu for an ushering job and after a long day, working, we were
paid One thousand Naira. The Madame said she had not been paid and asked us to write
down our account details. Except she plans to pay tomorrow, I got no alert.
At that point, I cried to God. I felt cheated. It was getting too humiliating. I cried to
God and He made me know I should stop the ushering jobs. It was only God that could stop me in spite of the embarrassment. I was asking Him to make sure the woman paid
me, but He said I should stop ushering. I was initially upset with God, but before I left the place of prayer, He had comforted me.

8) She could NOT go to school even after gaining admission cos of poverty!

I graduated from Babs Fafunwa Millenium Senior Grammar School, Ojodu-
Berger, Lagos. I was the Head Girl in my final year at school, loved by the principal, Mrs.
Adebayo, other teachers and students.
My Valedictory Ceremony in school was a very emotional one. I was missing
everyone and everything already, coupled with the fact that I was afraid of facing life
outside the four walls of my school.
Before I graduated, I took the JAMB exam and I passed. I was already an
undergraduate at the University of Ibadan as I had been given admission to study the
course I applied for, Mass Communication. Mrs. Adebayo was all smiles when I made the
information public. She announced it to the school with so much pride. People
applauded and my teachers congratulated me.
Little did I know I was going to lose the admission. My mum tried so hard to raise
my acceptance fee, tuition and other necessary payments, but she did not make headway.
I told her not to worry; I assured her our finances would be better the next year. She still
tried to raise it, but we missed the deadline. She was bitter for days and wondered why
they would not extend the deadline.
That was how I missed my admission to the University of Ibadan. My principal and
my English teacher, Mrs. Obabolujo called me to follow up. When I disclosed the bad
news, they were upset with me and told me I should have kept them abreast with how
things were going.

9) She once had an humbling experience taking buses and flying Okadas 

Fame could make you lose yourself; make you forget who you are and make you live
a lie. Fame makes you the book everyone wants to read and the person many want to
associate with. All eyes are fixed on you and your life gets so much attention.
Bloggers and journalists monitor your moves and quote your words. With fame,
you lose your right to being private. Fame, if not well managed, can make you a very
lonely person. Fame attracts parasites to you; people who only want to milk you and use
Fame fades; where are the big stars of yesteryears? Fame is not fulfilling. Whatever
feeling fame gives is only temporary. With fame, people see you as extra-ordinary and
expect you to be perfect. And that is unrealistic, unfair and frustrating. You might not
agree with me, but those who have tasted fame would not dispute my words.
Fame was the last thing on my mind when I started acting in the Jenifa’s Diary TV
Series. But I guess the package is intertwined; popularity comes with success.
It gets very depressing when people have expectations of you, just because you are a
celebrity, that you cannot meet. Before, I could walk on my street and wear comfortable
flip flops and nobody would notice. I could move from place to place and nobody would
know I just passed. I could go to the market and the traders who treat me normal and not
increase their prices.
Fame changed that. I never saw it coming. I will be forever grateful that Jesus found
me before fame did. I wonder how I would have turned out otherwise.
I am also thankful for TiTiMi Adigun in my life. People misunderstand the
relationship I have with them, thinking I have substituted my parents. I still have my
biological parents that I love so much. However, Dee and Maama have come to be my
second parents. They have been pillars for me in the world of fame where you need
people to put your head in check.
Let me note here that being famous does not mean you are rich. I have had several
people asking me for money, when at that particular time, I was sure they had more
money than I did.
Up until months back, when I still used to jump buses, several people would stop
me on the road, or in buses to take selfies with them. Sometimes, I had to beg them to
wait until we were out of the bus to take the selfie. Conductors in buses expected me to
leave my change with them the moment passengers started chanting “Toyo Baby!”
Some passengers expected me to pay their bus fares. Some called family members
and asked me speak with them, saying, “I am in the same bus with Toyo Baby! Speak with
her”. Some even dared to challenge me, saying, “Aunty Toyo, with all the money you’re
making, why are you not in your own car?”.
Bike men that knew me sometimes charged me more. I lost my bargaining power
with market women because they assumed I had a lot to spend. It got so frustrating at a
time, because I had no car and had to walk sometimes. I had to wear dark glasses and a
face cap everywhere I went. But even with that, they still recognised me. I hated leaving
the house. I honestly cannot remember any place I have been to in Nigeria that no one
recognised me.
There was a day I took a bike home and as we rode, the bike man said, “you are
Toyosi”. I replied and said I was not; I was Juliana. It was not a lie, but it was not the truth
either. The next time he picked me, he accused me of lying. I had to explain to him that
my real name was Juliana. He laughed at me and insisted I was Toyosi.
There was a scary day too. I went to the market and touts blocked me. They started
hailing me in Yoruba, “Eyan ti Funke Akindele, gbogbo Glo, gbogbo Jenifa Diary, e fun
wa ni nkan”. They were asking me for money, associating me with Mrs. Bello and Glo, an
organization she is an ambassador for. I was afraid and my heart was in my mouth.
It was at the butcher’s place. I was buying meat and I could smell alcohol oozing
from their mouths. Some were smoking. They were serious; saying they would not let me
go. I told them I had no money, but they did not believe me.

10)  God has now changed her story and can change yours too

Today, God is taking her places and making ways for hers.
My breakthrough eventually came after a long prayer session I had with my
covenant sisters.I got nominated for several awards and won many. There were some I had to decline
because I was too busy to go to the awards ceremony. I started speaking on the same
platforms with people I only saw on TV prior. Celebrities started calling me a celebrity.
People I was starstruck meeting were also starstruck meeting me. It was a miracle.
My fan base on Instagram picked momentum and I just stared in amazement at how
fast it grew. The growth of my followers could only have been divine; no logical analysis
could explain it. I started getting several emails, fans telling me how much of an
inspiration I was. Mothers telling me I am a role model to their children. It just got
sweeter by the day.
Shortly after again, I got an endorsement in millions. It was enough to buy me a car
and help me sort out some bills. However, I had promised God that when I earned my
first millions, I would give it out. I gave out the endorsement money as I had promised
without telling family and friends; I did not want anyone talking me out of it.
God yet showed up. I got other movie contract deals where I was paid more than I
ever had been before.
Right now, I have more acting offers than I can accept. I have so many speaking
invites; I cannot honour even a tenth of them. I consciously give myself breaks so I can
read books, pray and spend time with those that matter to me. I am now in the place
where I determine what acting job to take, what speaking engagement to honour and
even which endorsement to give a consideration. If that is not amazing, I do not know
what is! God is faithful.Now, you will never see me in a bus or on a bike. Those things are in my past; God
has raised me up. I am not where I want to be yet, but I am no longer where I used to be. I
still take strolls to the market though; I do not ever want to lose the feel of touching
humanity in a close and personal way.
If you are in a place in your life where everything seems rough or slow or even
backward, please do not lose hope. As far as you have God and you’re doing what is right
dutifully, your day of breakthrough will definitely come. Please do not give up just yet.

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