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TikTok plans AI creator feature, raises questions on users impact



TikTok plans AI creator feature, raises questions on users impact

TikTok is reportedly exploring the integration of AI creators into its platform, aiming to revolutionize influencer marketing.

The proposed AI avatars would promote products on TikTok Shop, utilizing advertiser-generated scripts. However, initial tests indicate challenges, with AI creators garnering fewer sales than human influencers.

While TikTok views AI creators as complementary to human influencers, questions linger about revenue distribution and the potential impact on creators reliant on brand deals.

Additionally, concerns arise regarding user sentiment, especially amid recent calls to action urging Congress not to ban TikTok.

TikTok’s experimentation with AI is not new, having previously tested features like the Song Generator. However, the platform must tread carefully to address user concerns and ensure transparency in AI integration.

As TikTok explores AI technology, uncertainties remain about its impact on influencer dynamics and user experience.

Despite the potential for innovation, TikTok must prioritize user trust and engagement in its pursuit of technological advancements.

Lawrence Agbo, a tech journalist for over four years, excels in crafting SEO-driven content that boosts business success. He also serves as an AI tutor, sharing his knowledge to educate others. His work has been cited on Wikipedia and various online media platforms.