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How Arsenal reacted to losing the league title — Saka



How Arsenal reacted to losing the league title -- Saka

Arsenal winger, Bukayo Saka, has expressed the deep disappointment and frustration within the team after losing the Premier League title to Manchester City this season.

Despite leading the league for the majority of the campaign, the Gunners faltered in the final weeks, ultimately allowing City to clinch the championship.

Mikel Arteta’s side endured a challenging end to the season, managing only two victories in their last eight fixtures. Their hopes were ultimately dashed when they suffered a 1-0 defeat against Nottingham Forest, which confirmed Manchester City’s status as champions.

Reflecting on the team’s disappointment, Saka revealed the profound sense of hurt among the players.

“It really hurts so much to even think about how we’ve ended this season and what could have been,” he admitted.

How Arsenal reacted to losing the league title -- Saka

Bukayo Saka

However, the young winger also emphasized the growth and potential he has witnessed during his time at the club.

Saka highlighted the team’s evolution over the past few years, recognizing the progress made by both the club and the players individually.

With a youthful squad, the Arsenal players possess a hunger to achieve greatness and are determined to bring silverware to the Emirates. Many of them have yet to win trophies with Arsenal, which further fuels their desire to succeed.

The winger conveyed a sense of optimism, stating, “Time is on our side. You can look at our team, and a lot of the players are young. We’re hungry, and a lot of us haven’t won trophies at Arsenal, so we want to achieve big things.”

As the Gunners regroup and reflect on their near-miss in the Premier League title race, the disappointment serves as motivation for future success. Saka’s words epitomize the determination within the squad to learn from their setbacks, grow as a team, and strive for glory in the seasons to come.