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“The game is truly gone” — Ben Foster reveals shocking truth on EPL Referees



Ben Foster reveals shocking truth about Premier League Referees

Former Premier League goalkeeper Ben Foster has sparked a debate among football fans after revealing surprising details about the pre-match routine of referees in the top-flight English football.

Foster, speaking on his podcast ‘Football Fill In’ alongside former Watford teammate Troy Deeney, delved into the topic of Premier League referees and their behind-the-scenes preparations. Their discussion comes amidst heightened scrutiny on match officials, particularly following Nottingham Forest’s recent clash with Everton, which stirred controversy.

Deeney expressed frustration with referees seemingly prioritizing their appearance and seeking attention, criticizing their focus on fashion accessories like wash bags and sliders. He even likened them to traffic wardens, suggesting their importance is undervalued.

However, it was Foster’s revelation that truly caught attention. The former Watford goalkeeper disclosed that referees, along with their assistants and the fourth official, receive the services of a masseur before every game they officiate.

Ben Foster retires just five games into Wrexham's season after previously  being talked out of hanging up his gloves by Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney  | UK

According to Foster, each officiating team is provided with a masseur from the home club to attend to their needs before kick-off.

“Does everybody know at home, that for every game, they get assigned a masseur as well. I don’t think people understand this.

“They get a masseur assigned from the home football club and they have to send a masseur in to give the three, four referees whatever they need basically.”

The disclosure prompted disbelief from Deeney, who joked about the necessity of such pampering for officials whose role primarily involves standing still on the sidelines.

Foster’s revelation has reignited discussions about the role and treatment of referees in football, with many questioning the need for such luxury accommodations for match officials.

In 2021, it was reported that Premier League referees received a fixed salary ranging from £38,500 to £42,000, in addition to £1,150 per game officiated.