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Groom pressing phone on wedding day sparks controversy reactions (Video)



A groom has come under fire on social media after a video of him seemingly disrespecting his bride went viral.

The controversy arose from a video recorded during their church wedding ceremony, where the groom was captured engrossed in his phone while walking down the aisle with his bride.

In the video, which has sparked a wave of criticism from netizens, the groom appeared completely oblivious to his surroundings, including his bride.

Instead, his attention was solely fixated on his smartphone.

Despite the significance of the moment, he failed to give his undivided attention to his partner, causing many to express their disapproval and disappointment.

The footage shows the groom walking beside his bride, only briefly extending his hand towards her without even looking in her direction.

This lack of acknowledgment of his bride’s presence intensified the backlash from online viewers, who found the act disrespectful and insensitive.

Interestingly, the bride appeared unperturbed by her groom’s divided attention, willingly holding hands with him as they made their way out of the church.

However, even after leaving the premises, the groom’s focus quickly returned to his phone, stealing only a brief glance at his bride before resuming his phone activity.

The video quickly went viral, eliciting a strong response from social media users who condemned the groom’s behavior.

Many criticized him for prioritizing his phone over his bride on their special day, arguing that it showed a lack of respect and appreciation for the significance of the occasion.

Others expressed concern about the implications for their relationship and questioned the groom’s commitment.


See some of the reactions below:

@Mac_Roberts penned: “This man won’t ever get that moment back……. And she’ll never forget it. Dam.n shame.”

@JohnSmi01534541 wrote: “Sidechick sleeps around too so its all kool. The wife will just find someone to sleep with too.”

@ADS_ZAR said: “The Text: “Sidechick: Haybo did you just post pictures of you getting married, what about our 5 year relationship ???

“The Reply: “Groom: Yes, I’m getting married but its not that serious. You know I only love you babe I will see you tonight love .”

@Modipadi_W said: “What a 10 past 4 is this‍♀️ Women tolerate rubbish, on her wedding day and he’s busy chatting, mxm!”

@jayr_peter said: “I don’t care whosoever is texting you. “This behavior is totally not acceptable.”


@TheKahimaZ said: “This one is called red flag pro max. But because we want weddings more than our mental health, she’s yet to testify to her ancestors how it’s going down.”


Watch the video below …

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