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Commotion as pregnant baby mama crashes lover’s wedding (video)



Confusion sets in as a pregnant side Chic showed up and interrupted her lover’s wedding ceremony.

The groom, identified as Anthony was recording exchanging vows with his wife-to-be, then the groom’s mistress showed up and started causing a scene at the venue.

Calling him out, the baby mama questioned why he was ignoring her and acting like they never met, despite carrying his baby.

Surprisingly, the bride and groom continued with the wedding by pretending they were not hearing what the lady was saying.

But as the side Chic couldn’t keep shot, one of the bridesmaids, who happens to be the bride’s daughter could no longer keep quiet and she lashed out.

She told the side chic to leave her mother’s wedding and she charged at her intending to attack.

Watch the video below:

See some of their reactions below;

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