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Flood destroys wedding venue before ceremony began (Video)



In a video that surfaced online, a wedding ceremony which was prevented from happening due to natural disaster.

In a video making rounds on social media, a wedding venue have been put on hold after they had heavy flood as unwelcome guest.

It could be seen from the short clip that a heavy flood swept through the wedding venue after the wedding planners had set up the place in preparation for the event.

In the viral video, a Disc Jockey could be spotted trying to save his equipment while some ladies climb a table.

In the hopes that the cost of damage done could be recovered, Netizens took to the comment section.

Zeee__coco wrote; God is showing them a sign.

i_am_mide24; Haaaa.. After all the money they spent, too bad

jarvizforum; Na ex dem fit cause this kind thing

obaksolo; Hope say e no affect the food area. I believe say na EDO this thing go happen. Benin I hail o

endylight1; If I nor marry you, make water carry me go . In everything give thanks to God

Watch the video below

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