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Bridesmaids escorted out of church wedding over outfits [Video]



Bridesmaids escorted out of church wedding over outfits [Video]

A bridesmaid and her colleagues have taken to social media to detail how they were all sent out of their friend’s wedding because of their outfits.

In a video making rounds online, the bridesmaid narrated that, unlike her colleagues, she was appropriately dressed, but sadly, she was escorted outside the wedding venue with them because she did not cover her hair.

She however disclosed that the others weren’t dressed appropriately to the church’s standards, and their clothing revealed their breasts.

Since the bride is their friend, and it’s her special day, they decided to wait for her while they sat outside the church.

Bridesmaids sacked from church wedding over outfits, netizens react

One of the bridesmaids expressed her grief at being unable to attend the church wedding, saying that they looked desperate but not homeless.

Watch the video below..


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