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Photographer revenges as he crops bride’s sister out of pictures after she embarrassed him over food at wedding



Photgrapher wedding

A photographer has shared his experience at a wedding and how he took his sweet revenge on one of the relatives of the bride, who embarrassed him with food.

Taking to social media, a wedding photographer, identified as Tobi Oyelami Joel, narrated how he made a payback on the sister of the bride he went to shoot for, by cropping her out of all the wedding photos he took.

"I made sure she didn’t appear in any picture" - Photographer discloses how he revenged bride's sister for embarrassing him because of food

The young man stated that the supposed bride’s sister, who was organizing the wedding, embarrassed him when he decided to stand in the queue to go get food. He stated that she refused him, saying the food was meant for the dignitaries.

In his words;

“I also had an experience, though not from a caterer but the bride’s kid sister. I’ve been with them since Friday evening for a bridal shower and you can’t even buy a sachet of water in the estate, I asked for food and she embarrassed me cuz she was in charge.

But I gave her my own judgment by making sure she doesn’t appear in any picture, even in family pictures, I’ll put her at the edge so I can easily crop her out.

She later got my number from the bride asking why she wasn’t in all the pictures and I told her I didn’t know she part of the wedding,” he wrote.

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