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Fans to face punishment for Mason Greenwood debut



Fans to face punishment for Mason Greenwood debut

Osasuna fans did not waste a second to make their feelings on Mason Greenwood heard following his introduction for Getafe.

In what should have been a momentous occasion for Mason Greenwood as he made his debut for Getafe, the young talent found himself subjected to brutal and offensive chants from rival Osasuna fans.

The 21-year-old Mason Greenwood, on loan from Manchester United for the season, made his debut on the pitch after a hiatus since his arrest in January 2022.

His performance contributed to Getafe’s 3-2 victory, lifting them to ninth place in the table. However, the decision to sign Greenwood was shrouded in controversy and faced criticism from a domestic abuse charity in Spain.

Despite the mixed reception to his signing, Greenwood received a warm welcome from Getafe supporters when he entered the match in the 77th minute.

Unfortunately, the away section of the Coliseum Alfonso Perez was marred by disturbing chants from Osasuna fans who were heard chanting, “Greenwood, die.”

La Liga’s official match observer took note of these offensive chants, triggering a disciplinary process that will investigate the incident further.

When questioned about the chants, Osasuna’s manager, Jagoba Arrasate, condemned them while also highlighting inappropriate songs from the home fans. Arrasate stated,

“The chants of ‘F**k Osasuna’ were very bad, and the chants against Greenwood were very bad too. He is a player who, in the end, the justice system had its say.

“He is a very good player. But if we talk about chants, we should talk about all the chants, not just some.”