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Did Sir Jim Ratcliffe really mean what he said about Greenwood?



Did Sir Jim Ratcliffe really mean what he said about Greenwood?

The return of Mason Greenwood back to Manchester United is not an easy option to bring to the table, however the club’s newest co-owner, Sir Jim Ratcliffe may have offered insights into what the future might be for the England international in the aftermath of his scandal.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, in his latest interview has suggested that there could still be a future for Mason Greenwood at the Premier League club.

Greenwood, currently on loan at Getafe in Spain’s top flight, faced a tumultuous period after an internal investigation prompted by legal issues in January 2022.

The 22-year-old was embroiled in a legal matter involving allegations of attempted rape, controlling behavior, and assault.

However, all charges against Greenwood were dropped last February, leading to discussions within Manchester United about his potential return to the first team.

Despite considerations for Greenwood’s reintegration, the club faced significant backlash from fans. Speculations swirled regarding his future, with suggestions that he might have played his last game for United and could be permanently departing in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe addressed the situation on Tuesday, emphasizing the importance of evaluating Greenwood’s character alongside his footballing abilities.

He stated,

“We will make a decision, correct… Is he the right type of footballer, are we happy with if he is a good person or not? He’s a Manchester United footballer, so we are in charge of football.”

Ratcliffe highlighted the need for a thorough examination of facts rather than succumbing to hype surrounding the situation. He affirmed the club’s commitment to making fair decisions based on values, particularly assessing whether Greenwood aligns with their standards of being “a good guy.”

However, if the decision sees Mason Greenwood back at the club, donning the famous Red jersey, INEOS should prepare themselves for the PR narratives.