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JUST IN: Google, Microsoft, META, Lays off over 30 thousand employees



Google, Microsoft, Meta and other tech companies have  reportedly laid off more 32000 employees so far. 

The organizations have continued to  reduce their workforce as part of restructuring exercise.

However, despite layoffs, the advancements in AI are pushing more recruitment in the sector in the field.

2022 ended harshly, and the beginning of 2023 proved even harsher.

Widespread layoffs across various industries, particularly the tech sector, sent shockwaves throughout the global economy.

Declining revenue, job uncertainty, and increased stress amplified anxieties globally.

But this fear is nowhere seen to end anytime soon. As even though the world has stepped into the new year 2024, the routine of employee reduction has not ended.

In fact, the month of January witnessed more layoffs, giving hints towards the possibility of mass layoffs on the cards in the coming months of 2024.

In a recent report by Bloomberg citing, the publication revealed that so far, around 32,000 tech employees have lost their jobs in 2024. This follows the recent announcements of workforce reductions by top tech companies and startups including Google, Amazon, Meta and others as part of restructuring and cost cutting measures.

New in the list is Snapchat’s parent company Snap, which announced on Monday its plans to reduce its global headcount by 10 percent, impacting 540 employees across departments. Earlier, e-commerce site Ebay announced to lay off 1000 employees after heavy hiring in the pandemic. This list goes on with the tech giants like Amazon, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft and others.

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