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EPL: Arterta frustrated as he can no longer defend Arsenal players



The Reason We Couldn't Beat Sporting Lisbon -- Mikel Arteta
Frustrated Mikel Arterta

I can’t defend you again, was Mikel Arteta’s frustrated response to the 2-0 loss to Newcastle yesterday, as he looks to who to blame. The Arsenal boss leaves no one out in the blame as he criticizes all his players for the disappointing defeat to Newcastle United on Monday night.

Arteta revealed he can no longer defend his players after they put Tottenham in the driving seat to qualify for a Champions League place, with the loss at St James’ Park meaning Arteta’s side now sit 2 points behind Antonio Conte’s side with one game left.

The Gunners will host Everton on the final day and would be hoping for a parting EPL favor from relegated Norwich City.

The Arsenal boss slammed his team for not being able to match Newcastle in every area on the pitch, saying they looked average compared to a Champions League team.

“Normally, I can sit here and I can defend, but what we’ve done today, it’s not easy,” the Spaniard told a post-match press conference. Newcastle were one hundred times better than us in every department from the beginning to the end.

“It’s hard to accept. But you have to accept it and that’s the reality of what happened today on that pitch.

“We didn’t compete, we never got into the game, we put ourselves in trouble time after time, we lost every duel.” Arterta lamented.

Arteta finalized by giving a damning critique that Newcastle “totally deserved to win the match, probably by a bigger margin as well.”

The manager revealed prior to that moment he always took responsibility for every bad result but no more.