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Delta state assembly reverses 24-year termination, restores Emmanuel Emenetie



Delta state assembly reverses 24-year termination, restores Emmanuel Emenetie

In a landmark decision, the Delta State House of Assembly has overturned the 24-year-old dismissal of Emmanuel Emenetie by the Post Primary Education Board.

Emenetie, who was wrongfully terminated from his position, had petitioned the Assembly in February 2000, seeking justice and reinstatement.

During their session chaired by Speaker Hon. Emomotimi Guwor, the MPs unanimously ruled in favor of Emenetie, deeming his dismissal unlawful and ordering his immediate restoration as Permanent Secretary.

They also mandated the payment of all financial benefits owed to him, including compensation for the years he was without employment, totaling N4,800,000.00.

Furthermore, the Assembly recommended that Emenetie be compensated with all salaries, emoluments, and entitlements from the date of his unlawful termination until his supposed retirement at the grade level of a Director.

The Chairman of the Post Primary Education Board and the Head of Service of Delta State were directed to comply promptly with the Assembly’s directives.

The Deputy Speaker was assigned to oversee the implementation of the Assembly’s decision, while Speaker Hon. Emomotimi Guwor commended the findings of the Public Petitions Committee and instructed the Clerk of the House to officially communicate the resolution to the relevant authorities. This verdict marks a significant victory for Emmanuel Emenetie after years of legal struggle.

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