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Defence headquarters declares eight individuals wanted over killing of soldiers in Delta state



Pursuit intensifies: Eight suspects declared wanted in Delta state military attack

The Defence Headquarters has taken a significant step in response to the recent killing of 17 military personnel in Delta State by declaring eight individuals wanted for their alleged involvement in the incident.

The announcement was made during a briefing held in Abuja on Thursday.

According to the military, those declared wanted are Prof. Ekpekpo Arthur, Andaowei Dennis Bakriri, Akevwru Daniel Omotegbo (also known as Amagben), Akata Malawa David, Sinclear Oliki, Clement Ikolo Ogenerukeywe, Reuben Baru, and Igoli Ebi.

These individuals are suspected of having played roles in the attack that resulted in the deaths of military personnel.

The Defence Headquarters has urged the public to provide any information that could lead to the arrest of the wanted persons.

Further details on this development are expected to be provided as the investigation progresses.

Topnaija reported that the recent killing of 17 military personnel in Delta State has left 21 children orphaned and 10 women widowed, three of whom are pregnant.

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