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Tension mounts in Okuama Community after tragic soldier deaths



Boko Haram kill soldiers 2

The Okuama community in Delta State is facing heightened tension following the tragic killing of soldiers.

Last week, soldiers from the 222 battalion of the military Joint Task Force were ambushed and killed during a rescue mission.

The mission aimed to free a hostage in the midst of a land dispute with a neighboring community.

Increased Military Presence and House Demolitions

In response to the incident, the military has intensified its presence in Okuama, leading to reports of house demolitions.

However, despite these efforts, the perpetrators of the attacks remain at large, prompting the military to conduct manhunts in nearby areas.

Calls for Justice Amid Ongoing Tensions

Senator Joel-Onowakpo Thomas has condemned the killings and called for a thorough investigation into the root causes of the conflict.

He urges security agencies to apprehend those responsible for the attacks.

Insights from Community Leader Shed Light on Conflict Dynamics

Community leader Olorogun Sleek Oshare suggests that a land dispute fueled the violence.

According to Oshare, tensions between Okuama and Okoloba communities escalated due to perceived military connections and pressure on Okuama.

Conflicting Reports on Military Response

Conflicting reports have emerged regarding the military’s actions in Okuama.

While security sources confirm a continued military presence and efforts to apprehend suspects, the Nigerian Army denies allegations of reprisals against the community.

However, community sources allege mass arrests and killings by the military.

Hope Emerges as Military Eases Siege

Despite the tense situation, recent developments indicate a slight easing of the military siege on Okuama and neighboring communities.

Some residents are beginning to return home, but the quest for justice and peace remains ongoing.

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