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How can you spend wisely this Christmas?



Just few minutes ago, the sound of knockouts brought back the spirit of Christmas and for a moment, I couldn’t help but get lost in its previous celebration. The Yuletide Season is a special time, a time when families and friends reunite as one. Apart from the main reason; which is the celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas is a time where great entrepreneurs like myself visit the village, our very root so as not to lose touch with relatives and friends. That’s when so many people spend their money without a second thought, without even an atom of will to spend wisely. Meeting old faces we haven’t seen for over a year fills us with anxiety, to impress and look better than we already are. Yes, I know how it feels.

As an entrepreneur or whatever label you go with, don’t get lost in that euphoric moment. Christmas is like a plague that makes you forget about financial intelligence, it makes you forget all these healthy practices that ensures your financial safety. There will be this uncontrollable urge, to prove to your whole village that you’re now successful, even when you’re still struggling to find your two feet. In an attempt to make a fool of these self acclaimed haters or enemies, you end up biting more than you can chew.

I know of a friend, he lavished what has never been lavished in the history of man last Christmas. He rented a Range Rover jeep and one of his mission was to deafen the whole village with Hip Hop beats emanating from his stereo; and to have all the girls to himself. He bought hundred bags of rice for the whole village. Anyone who saw him will be of the impression that this young man has finally become a billionaire at a very young age. His friends, who have never left the village where at his neck, begging him to show them the way, even if it’s Yahoo business. To live up to the expectations he has placed himself, he lavished lots of money on foods, drinks, women..everything money can buy. He was the latest boy in town and everyone respected him.

He spent every penny in his account and that was when reality dawn on him. The money was hard to make, but very easy to spend. He couldn’t even sponsor his transport back to Lagos and the agents in charge of the rented car later drove their car away, he couldn’t afford another day. The boy’s extended family had to contribute some money so as to bundle him back to Lagos. It was a shame!

Spending wisely this Christmas season should be your utmost priority to avoid regretting at the end of the event. It’s part of human’s nature to show off, to impress people and to feel important. If you allow that to control you, you’ll end up spending unwisely and ending up in oblivion.

In this article, let me guide you on how to spend wisely this Christmas. Let me be your financial adviser this season. If my words are well implemented, you will come here on January to thank me. When others are crying about spending all, you’ll be happy and boiling with excitement to startup something with it. You shouldn’t face January with an empty pocket.



I have already made mine and I’m more than determine to stick to it. If you haven’t crafted an Christmas budget, please go ahead cause it will be a life saver. Get a diary, a book.. Whatever you can find.. Make a list of preference.. List down names of those who you want to give a gift this Yuletide Season. To spend wisely this Christmas season, you have to make a budget which will also include shoppings and entertainment. If you’re going to buy a Christmas tree and these fancy blinking lights, go ahead and include them. Know your financial strength to know how much you can chew. Make sure that you won’t regret later.. Know how much you’re spending and the amount left untouched.


I think I’m very guilty of this. I will make a resolution not to spend a dime and yet, I will go out carrying my card,, to what end? Many of us are fond of this and it will be disaster if we don’t do away with this habit this Christmas. If you’ve budgeted to spend N50,000 this season, withdraw it in cash. Don’t ever use your card again unless it’s something that’s beyond your control. Let me share my little secret; after withdrawing some money for the Christmas, I will make sure i break my ATM card. No matter what happen, I will never be able to withdraw again and that will make me to manage the money at hand.

When the celebration is over, I will go to the bank to request for another card.. Try it, it works. Avoid making extra withdrawals.


In our attempt to impress people, we end up spending above our means. We might even withdraw our last penny just to by a new car and impress those in the village. Some go to the extent of renting a car. Please, spend wisely this Christmas. It’s not a must to share money to the whole village. It’s absolutely not a law. An igbo proverb says; “Cut your coat according to your size”

Please be wise. Before you spend, have in mind that January isn’t far away. Know that there are many Christmas yet to be celebrated. It’s hard to make money, but very easy to spend. Spend wisely!


Believe me, you don’t need millions of naira to make an impact this Christmas, I’m going to spend not less than N50,000 and yet, people will think I have spent millions. If you have an extended family, this is how you can make an impact. Let me show you how.

  • Buy one bag of rice
  • Buy two or three cartons of tin tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Spices
  • seasoning I.e Maggi etc..
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When you’ve gotten the above, buy beautiful bags that you’ll use to serve it. One bag could contain;

  • One paint of rice
  • Two tins of tomatoes
  • Two balls of onions and about five cubes of any seasoning.

Per family equals one sack bag. Believe me, you’ll be able to put a smile to over 50 families without spending much. Know your financial strength and how much you can spend without regret. Christmas wasn’t made to drown you in debt.. Spend wisely and you’ll love yourself for it. One thing is certain, you can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try. Have that in mind.


Apart from the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, christmas is about eating, drinking and reuniting with families and friends. Make sure your budget covers foods and entertainment. This is why you Christmas budget is very important if you must spend wisely. Cover every area that requires money and make sure they blend with your financial capabilities.


Do you want to face the New Year with smiles and happiness? Then make sure you spend wisely this Christmas. Remember, after the celebration, there’s a business to return to. There’s a family to return to. There’s also a school to return to. Spend wisely! Judiciously spend your money so that you won’t have to worry at the end of the event.

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Happy Christmas!

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