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How Beyonce’s Childhood Home got burnt on Christmas day



How Childhood Home of Beyonce got burnt on Christmas day

A devastating fire engulfed the childhood residence of renowned American singer Beyoncé on Monday, casting a shadow over the festive Christmas celebrations in Houston.

Reports from the Daily Mail confirmed that the Houston home, where Beyonce resided from infancy until the age of five, fell victim to a fire incident during the Christmas festivities.

The Houston Fire Department disclosed that the alarming incident transpired around 2 am on Monday, with the first responders swiftly arriving at the scene to confront a blaze engulfing the two-story structure.

Efforts by the fire department proved effective, as they managed to douse the flames within a mere three minutes of their arrival. A majority of the fire was successfully contained within the initial ten minutes, though firefighters had to undertake roof incisions to clear the attic and eaves of the lingering fire.

Miraculously, the occupants—a couple along with their two young children—escaped the inferno in their nightwear, escaping unscathed as no injuries were reported.

Authorities affirmed that an investigation into the cause of the fire was underway, leaving the circumstances surrounding the heartbreaking incident shrouded in mystery.