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“Money is the least of what worries a woman” – Popular Nigerian Pastor speaks



"Money is the least of what worries a woman" - Popular Nigerian Pastor speaks

Popular Nigerian pastor, Ab Isong, has given his two cent about the level of importance money has in a relationship.

The Akwa Ibom-based pastor, took to social media, saying that a man does not need all the money in the world to have a successful relationship.

He said having money is the least of what worries a woman who truly loves a man.
His response his those men who say that relationships without money cannot work.

In his words:

“I hear a lot of Men say that you cannot keep or have a relationship without money, trust me money is the least of what worries a woman who truly loves you. Yes money is very essential, Yes money plays a very important and vital role in a relationship but money is not all there is in a relationship,” he wrote.

So many people have made money their major priorities in life so in the process of an endless chase for money they forget themselves in the process, they don’t have time for the important and valuable things in their lives anymore. The money you’re chasing has no value when there is no loved ones to spend it with.

What if I tell you the little money you can afford is enough for a woman who truly loves you, will you believe me? We are in the 21st century, an era where it is not just the duty of a man to provide for the family, the woman is to also offer financial assistance to support her household. Remember two heads are better than one.

The little you bring to the table plus the little she brings to the table is enough, so long as you both love each other and are contented with the little you have and you keep working hard, together you will achieve success. Any lady that just collects from you but do support you is not worth marrying.

You don’t need all the money in the world to be in a successful relationship, the little you have is enough for you, If you’re with a woman who truly loves you”.



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