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AI Stickers To Be Introduced On WhatsApp Soon



AI is bringing a new revolution to the tech industry.

Big tech giants like Microsoft and Google are working on several AI models and features to enhance their platforms. Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is also not far behind.

While focusing on a number of projects based in machine learning and artificial intelligence, the company is reportedly planning to bring a new AI feature to WhatsApp.The instant messaging app by Meta is reportedly testing a new AI feature that will allow users to create customised stickers using text-based commands.

The feature will be similar to how the current generative AI models like OpenAI’s DALL-E or Midjoruney work. According to a report by Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is currently rolling out the new AI feature to some users of the Android WhatsApp beta program with version

While the feature is currently under testing, once it is rolled out for everyone, users will see a dialog in their sticker panel that will inform them about the new option. Additionally, a button to generate these stickers will be available.

A screenshot shared by the website reveals how the new AI feature will work. To use the feature, users will have to tap the button to create AI-generated stickers. Then, they will enter a prompt, such as “a cat wearing a hat” or “a dog playing fetch.” WhatsApp will then generate a series of stickers that closely match the prompt. If a user likes any of the results, they can simply tap it to send it to the conversation they are currently in.

Additionally, stickers generated using the new AI-powered feature will be easily recognizable to the receiver.

This could be a watermark, such as the Bing label that Microsoft adds to images, or something else. It will be clear once the feature is rolled out to everyone.

The report also suggests that the AI-powered stickers will be generated using secure technology provided by Meta. However, it remains unclear which generative AI model WhatsApp has chosen for this feature.

Nevertheless, the feature is expected to be valuable, enabling users to create basic and personalised images that can be shared as stickers with their WhatsApp contacts or groups, thereby adding a unique touch to their conversations.

As for privacy concerns, some users may use AI power to create inappropriate or harmful stickers. WhatsApp is also planning to allow users to report such stickers. Meanwhile, it is not yet clear what additional protection layers will be provided by the platform.

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