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“Age is just a number, my current wife wasn’t born when I left for the U.S” – Nigerian businessman challenges age stereotypes



Prince Osifeso

Prince Somorin Osifeso, an American returnee who lived in the United States for three decades before returning to Nigeria, has stirred an internet controversy by questioning the traditional belief regarding age in partnerships.

He said bluntly that age is simply a number, using his own marriage as an example.

Prince Osifeso responded to billionaire’s son Paddy Adenuga’s recent comment that a 20-year-old girl is too young for him.



His statement has sparked discussions online, among netizens and users alike, with many contemplating and debating on the significance of age in relationships.

His belief that age should not be a barrier to love and companionship has created buzz, with some agreeing with his views and applauding his opinion, speaking on the importance of emotional stability and shared values over age.

And many beg to differ, disagreeing with his opinion, maintaining their stance that age plays a crucial role in determining relationships.

As the conversation continues to trend online, people are sharing their own experiences and opinions on the subject.

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