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2023: Daddy Showkey has some words the Igbo folks may not want to hear



Daddy Showkey


The 2023 elections have been a widely talked about topic for weeks now.

A topic that has included every political region of Nigeria; South to West, East to North, with every region still laying claim over the thoughts of producing the next President.

The North don’t want to cede power, instead preferring to hold on to the power by all means, the West believing it’s their turn now since the North had ruled for 8 years.

The West believes it is the turn of the South; a region which they claim also includes them.

The South; the one in Nigerian terms ironically termed South South, just feel the need to try its luck, who knows, it might just click.

But the East? They feel it is their turn at the moment to become President. They feel they have been denied this privilege ever since the Civil War happened.

They believe they have never had a taste of the place called Aso Rock. In fact, aside ministers or elected governors who go up there to pay visit once in a while to the President, no one from the East knew what it feels like to live in Aso Rock, sleep, stretch legs let alone be called Commander in Chief.

This has become the basis of the argument, the marginalization jingles and the Biafra agitation that the Igbos have been leading.

Of course, it is their right. They are Nigerians and rightly should have such privileges. It is one famous Nigerian musician of an old era, Daddy Showkey shares.

Daddy Showkey believes in an Igbo Presidency, so much that he advocates a Peter Obi as the prime leader for such dreams.

But the musician is wary of such dreams and to that effect, rose to sound an alarm to Igbos; a fear of what was being planned for the Anambra State governor.

He wrote on his social media handle:

”Igbos, i want you people to be united this time, why is that they use people against yourselves. Anytime we call Igbo out for disunity, people will say we don’t know what we are saying. You people have a long way to go.”

The words go in far ends to warn the South Easterners over the politics he believes was being played against Peter Obi, by using Digar Ezenwafor to displace the former governor from being the Labor Party’s Presidential flag bearer.

It is also one that calls to question the unity of the Igbos as he considers them vulnerable to disunity and division amongst them since one of them could be used against the rest of them.