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“My problems started because I supported Peter Obi” — AY



What they did to me because I supported Peter Obi -- AY

Popular comedian and filmmaker, Ayo Makun, known as AY, has revealed that he faced challenges after publicly declaring his support for Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the last election.

However, despite the difficulties he encountered, he stated that he has no regrets about supporting Peter Obi.

Speaking at the Easter edition of his comedy show, AY Live, held in Lagos on Sunday, the comedian expressed his commitment to bringing about positive change in Nigeria through his support for Obi.

AY disclosed,

“I supported Peter Obi in the last presidential election. I do not regret supporting Peter Obi. That was when my problems started.”

He emphasized that his decision to support Obi was not driven by political interests but by his desire to see Nigeria progress. He clarified that he is not involved in politics and has limited knowledge about it.

Highlighting the challenges he faced for publicly endorsing Obi, AY recounted,

“After I started campaigning for Obi on social media, my house got burnt. After God, the next person you should fear and respect is government. Try government, they will shock you.”