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“I am coming to help fix Nigeria” — Canadian man on becoming a Nigerian Citizen



Canadian man reacts to getting a Nigerian passport

If the world couldn’t get any more paradoxical, then perhaps a Canadian man rejoicing over gaining a Nigerian passport, beats the irony.

In a heartwarming display of cultural embrace and patriotism, Bekee Igbo, a Caucasian man married to a Nigerian woman, celebrated obtaining his Nigerian citizenship with exuberance.

Clad in traditional Igbo attire, he jubilantly waved the Nigerian flag high in the air, expressing his delight at becoming a citizen of the West African nation.

The video of Bekee’s ecstatic display quickly circulated on social media platforms, drawing a flurry of reactions from users across the globe.

Many commended his gesture to Nigeria and welcomed him warmly into the fold of Nigerian citizenship.

Among the reactions, user @EAHGNOUKO from Canada expressed a desire for a Nigerian passport, echoing the sentiment shared by others who admired Bekee’s enthusiasm.

While some users jokingly questioned the ease of obtaining Nigerian citizenship, others pondered whether they should reveal to Bekee the challenges associated with Nigerian nationality.

Despite the lighthearted banter, Bekee remained resolute in his decision to embrace Nigeria wholeheartedly. He declared his intention to contribute to the country’s economy, emphasizing his belief in the nation’s potential for growth and development.

Social media users, including @Music Maestro, praised Bekee’s pride in his Nigerian passport, highlighting the significance of celebrating Nigerian identity despite the country’s challenges.