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Youths must struggle to assume control of political power – Akeredolu



Youths must struggle to assume control of political power – Akeredolu

The Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, said it is essential for youths in Nigeria to participate in politics.

Akeredolu said since political powers were not given easily without effort, youths must be determined and take positive steps that would guarantee their involvement in politics and governance.

The Governor made this known at the Ondo State Progressive Youth Stakeholders Round-Table Discussion which took place at the International Culture and Event Centre, in Akure, Ondo State on Tuesday.

The occasion, which was themed, “Patriotic Partisanship; Driving an Agenda of Inclusion and Collective Growth” was planned by a group within the APC, under the umbrellas of the Pentagon Movement Group.

Akeredolu called on youths to be committed and stay focused while seeking leadership positions by participating in politics.

The Governor also challenged the youths in the state to plot a course for themselves without considering the effect of money-bags in politics, advising youths to be focused and committed to the spirit of patriotism by putting the country’s interest first and above personal benefits.

He said, “Nigeria is desperately in need of a paradigm shift in the ideology of what political offices should be and birthing the new age of the Nigerian politician to focus primarily on the development of Nigeria and adding value to the social, economic, political and developmental facets of the country.

“There is need to recognise the mindset of the Nigerian youth and come up with different approaches and means of engagement that target the management of their diverse perspectives.”

Akeredolu added that the time had come for women to take their place in the country’s affairs.

He said, “As the feminism movement continues to sweep through the world, Nigeria inclusive, we cannot be an exception.

“I am glad to disclose that our administration has been taking steps towards ensuring that more women take up political roles by insisting on a minimum 25 per cent representation of women both in government appointments and in the party structure.

“As more and more women begin to show interest in active politics, there is the need to continue to identify the pitfalls, limitations and hindrances preventing women from taking up critical roles within the political space.

“Of particular interest is the role of the young women in politics and in general, the upgrading of the roles of women from the African traditional beliefs to the one that is involved in decision making and other impactful political activities.”

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