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Ondo State government confirms two cholera cases, activates rapid response



Cholera cases confirmed in Ondo State; Rapid response initiated

The Ondo State Government has officially reported two cholera cases within its jurisdiction.

Banji Ajaka, the Commissioner for Health, confirmed the cases and announced the activation of surveillance measures to swiftly respond to any potential cholera outbreaks.

Ajaka disclosed that the affected cases were identified in Okitipupa Local Government Area and assured that the situation has been contained through the prompt intervention of the rapid response team.

He emphasized the reinforcement of the surveillance team with community informants and trained contact tracers, who will be supported with stipends for eight months to conduct active case searches in anticipation of any further cholera incidents.

Additionally, Ajaka stated plans to establish an emergency preparedness committee tasked with enhancing access to clean water, improving sanitation facilities, and bolstering healthcare infrastructure across the state.

The commissioner underscored the government’s commitment to disseminating information through mass media channels and engaging communities to raise awareness about cholera prevention and management.

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