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WOW: See elegant photos of abandoned Kwara mother and daughters with blue eyes



Kwara mother and daughters with their blue eyes

Few Nigerians including Kwara State’s first lady came together and gave Risikat Azeez-Ayegbami the woman with blue eyes, and her daughters, a makeover and the photo shared online are breathtaking.

Recall, we shared a story of a lady Risikat who is from Kwara state, and explained how Risikat’s husband walked out of their marriage and their daughters because they have blue eyes.

She said that when she got pregnant with her second daughter, things were so hard for them that they couldn’t afford food or medical care. She began going to her parents’ home to eat and when it was time to have her child, her parents paid her hospital bills.

The second baby came out with blue eyes too and at this point, her husband’s behavior worsened. To make matters worse, his parents also expressed their displeasure with the eyes of his children.

See sensational photos of Risikat and her daughters in their home below