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Motor Spare Parts dealers pick quarrel with Kwara Police



It was a situation that resulted from the nonchalant handling of a murder case by the police unit in Kwara State after the reported murder of Abdullahi by a man called Azeez.

Abdullahi according to reports initially gather by Daily Trust, was identified as an apprentice of a second hand motor parts dealer, and was reportedly killed by Indian hemp seller, Azeez alias Olongbo, over misunderstandings that resulted from a payment fee for a building in Ipata-Oloje/Okoolowo axis of Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara State.

From the reports gathered, Olongbo had stabbed Abdullahi with a knife repeatedly, before proceeding to shoot the victim repeatedly once he saw that stabbing him had no effect on Abdullahi.

The incident catapulted into a full on war as members of the auto spare parts market engaged Olongbo’s gang, destroying vehicles and property along the way.

The case proceeded with the spare parts dealers going as far as to attack the Oloje police station and chasing its officers on duty away for refusing to act when the case was reported as a result of nonchalance and fear of Olongbo.

Ipata-Oloje, the Kwara State Old Motor Spare Parts Dealers Association, after the incident announced closure of the market on Sunday for 2 days to mourn its deceased and in quote to “allow peace to reign” in a statement that was signed by Gidado Ahmed and Gani Elemosho, representatives of the union.

The Police according to spokesman, Ajayi Okasanmi, will be going on a full scale investigation concerning the incident, confirming no arrests were made so far in relation to the incident.