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“Why sex toys satisfy me better than Men” — Doyin David



"Why sex toys satisfy me better than Men" -- Doyin David

Doyin David, of the Big Brother Naija reality show fame, sparked some conversation after she suggested her preference for sex toys over men in a recent interview on the Honest Bunch podcast with media personality Nedu.

The reality star openly shared her views, asserting that no man can match the satisfaction she experiences with vibrators.

She expressed that the consistent and precise stimulation provided by a vibrator surpasses what she believes a man can offer during intimate moments.

Doyin David boldly stated,

“Me, I know one thing: what a sex toy can do, what a good vibrator can do, I don’t know one man that can do that job and that is the fact. You see that rhythm, that vibrator consistency; no man can wiggle his tongue consistently like that till you c*m.”