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“I am not what I appear on Social Media” — Phyna



"I am not what I appear on Social Media" -- Phyna

“I don’t have friends. I am lonely person,” — Phyna reveals what she is really like as a person and in real life.

Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, widely recognized as Phyna from her appearances on reality TV and acting roles, revealed what her personality is like beyond her social media persona, revealing that she leads a largely solitary life without friends.

During an interview with Doyin on the podcast ‘Doyin’s Corner,’ Phyna disclosed that the vibrant and sociable image she portrays on social media starkly contrasts with her off-camera existence.

“I’m always lively on social media, but off-camera, I spend most of my time alone. I don’t have friends,” Phyna candidly expressed.

The reality star acknowledged that while she had friendships in the past, circumstances changed after her stint on the show. Some individuals distanced themselves, while others harbored expectations she found challenging to fulfill, leading to the dissolution of those connections.

“I don’t have friends. Sometimes I stay a whole day, and my phone wouldn’t ring. On social media, I look bubbly, but off-camera, I’m always alone,” she shared, highlighting the disparity between her public persona and personal life.