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“I will be staying away from Human Beings in 2024” — Phyna



"I will be staying away from Human Beings in 2024" -- Phyna

Former reality show star and beauty queen of the Big Brother Naija fame, Josephina Otabor, otherwise known as Phyna is done putting up with people and human beings in general, according to her social media post.

In a statement shared on X, the media personality stressed her 2024 resolution and her intention to severe ties with everyone and everything in her circle.

Expressing a decisive stance, Phyna declared, “No big deal. I’m just done. My mouth cannot say what my eyes have seen.”

This cryptic message left followers speculating about the experiences that might have prompted such a resolute decision.

Moreover, the reality star revealed a distinct shift in her priorities for the upcoming year, expressing a preference for the companionship of pets over humans.

Phyna conveyed her intention to cultivate a deeper affinity for animals, particularly dogs and cats, indicating a desire to have more of them in her life than human associations.

Her tweet on the matter read, “2024, I will love and own more dogs and cats than humans! Have a great new year.”

Everyone needs a fresh start to the upcoming new year, however the Big Brother Naija celebrity star may be taking hers to far more interesting heights. But who could fault her?