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BBNaija beauty fumbles on Live Television



BBNaija beauty, Doyin fumbles on Live Television

Current affairs may not be the BBNaija beauty’s jam.

Doyin David, a former contestant of the Big Brother Naija reality show, found herself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons during a recent appearance on the Channels TV program ‘Morning Brief’.

The reality TV star’s lack of knowledge in Nigeria’s basic current affairs drew attention during the interview.

When asked about the identity of Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police, Doyin stumbled, admitting, “I do not know that man. I’m so sorry.”

Similarly, her inability to name a Nobel laureate from Nigeria further highlighted her lack of familiarity with the country’s prominent figures.

During the interview, the exchange unfolded as follows:

Interviewer: “Who is the IGP?”

Doyin: “I do not know that man. I’m so sorry.”

Interviewer: “Nigeria has a Nobel laureate, what is his name?”

Doyin’s response was equally revealing: “Again I do not know. You know what, I’m in entertainment. Ask me about entertainment.”

Doyin’s admission of her limited knowledge in matters beyond entertainment sparked reactions on social media, with many questioning the depth of awareness among public figures.

While her background in entertainment is well-established, her faltering on basic national figures left some viewers puzzled.