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Why I think Tinubu should invest more in health sector – Peter Obi



why I think Tinubu should invest more in health sector - Peter Obi

The Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate for 2023, Peter Obi, has implored President Bola Tinubu to increase investment in the country’s health sector.

In a message issued on Sunday to mark World Cancer Day, Peter Obi said that appropriate attention should be paid to healthcare facilities to help the nation provide excellent healthcare.

According to him, with sufficient healthcare in the nation, the number of new cancer cases each year, which causes thousands of deaths, may be significantly decreased, and many cancer-related illnesses can be successfully handled.

The former governor of Anambra State urged Nigerians to continue working toward a cancer-free society while prioritizing healthcare and contributing to the nation’s progress.

He wrote: “As the global community marks World Cancer Day, today, I add my voice to urge that more investment be made in our health sector with adequate attention given to our healthcare facilities to aid the provision of decent healthcare in the country.

“Cancer, though a dangerous disease, has been empirically established that its effects on society can be controlled drastically if adequate healthcare is put in place to encourage early detection and adequate cure and care.

“In many countries that prioritize the health of their citizens, cancer is no longer a death sentence, especially when it is detected early, with the help of modern healthcare facilities and well-trained healthcare professionals.

“The National Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment reported that Nigeria records over 120,000 new cancer cases yearly, leading to thousands of deaths.

“With the provision of adequate healthcare in the country, these numbers can be drastically reduced and many cancer-related cases can be adequately managed. Sadly, in seeking solutions to their medical challenges, many Nigerians have taken to medical tourism.

“A study by Pfizer-established research institute, Kano Independent Research Centre Trust (KIRCT) showed that Nigerians spend between $1.5 billion to $2 billion annually on medical tourism.

“Such a huge amount, if additionally invested in our health sector, will save many lives and give more Nigerians access to healthcare. This day provides us, the leaders, an opportunity to soberly reflect on the need to prioritize our health sector, which remains a very critical contributor to national development.

“For us people, managing some risk factors and lifestyle choices like eating a healthy diet, physical exercise, and many more can lower one’s chances of developing cancer.

“May we continue to work towards a cancer-free society as we continue to prioritize our healthcare and contribute to the growth of our nation.”

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