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Naira to Dollar Crisis: “Nigerians at the Mercy of God” — Adeboye



Naira to Dollar Crisis: "Nigerians at the Mercy of God" -- Adeboye

The Naira to Dollar conversion economics has become an grand crisis for Nigerians that even clergyman such as Pastor Enoch Adeboye is left baffled by.

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, expressed concern over the escalating Naira to Dollar exchange rate during the February Thanksgiving Service themed ‘Let The Wind Blow’ at the Throne of Grace Parish, RCCG Headquarters in Ebute Meta, Lagos on Sunday, February 4.

Pastor Adeboye lamented the economic challenges faced by Nigerians, urging them to turn to God in prayer as many are enduring hardship. He referenced a divine message at the beginning of the year that predicted worsening conditions before improvement.

Reflecting on the Naira’s diminishing value against the Dollar, he remarked,

“If you know the value of the naira to the dollar by January 1, if you compare the value of the naira to the dollar today; you would say, it looks like this boy knows what he was saying.”

Pastor Adeboye emphasized the need for fervent prayers, stating,

“We have to pray with all our strength because when you say things would get worse before they get better. We don’t know how worse or how farther before they can get better. With all your heart, cry to God and say please have mercy on us, intervene quickly.”

He highlighted the disconnect between those in power and the common citizens, citing that leaders like the Governor and President are shielded from the day-to-day struggles of the people.

He remarked,

“It does not matter how much they are changing the dollar, they are secured where they are.”