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Peter Obi urges security crackdown on Second Niger Bridge vandals



Peter Obi urges crackdown on Second Niger-Bridge vandals

2023 Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi has called on security agencies to investigate and apprehend criminals responsible for vandalizing the second Niger Bridge. Highlighting the potential danger to commuters, Obi described the vandalism as a serious threat that demands immediate action.

In response to a viral video featuring a man known as Lord Zeus, who exposed the extent of the vandalism, Obi expressed his gratitude for the young man’s patriotism and courage. The video detailed how criminals are damaging the bridge’s infrastructure, posing significant risks to road users and creating a security threat.

“I like to thank immensely the young man, Lord Zeus, driven by patriotism and courage to raise alarm on the vandalization of the second Niger bridge,” Obi stated on X.

“The viral video of this good Nigerian copiously points out the senseless criminality and vandalism of our collective assets which is capable of causing grievous harm to members of the public if left unchecked.”

Peter Obi emphasized the need for a thorough investigation by the government and security agencies to identify and prosecute those responsible for such destructive acts. He called the vandalism of public property, including railway tracks, high-voltage cables, and aluminum railings on bridges, an act of sabotage that must be condemned.

“We must condemn these acts of sabotage and criminality in their totality,” he asserted. “Now that this critical issue has, again, been exposed, I urge the government and security agencies to do a follow up by investigating deeply and bringing to book the perpetrators of such crimes.”

Furthermore, Obi urged the relevant authorities to implement strict disciplinary measures for those found guilty of vandalizing public assets. He also advocated for the installation of reliable surveillance systems to monitor and ensure the security of vital public infrastructure.