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Peter Obi sends stark warning to Nigeria leaders



Peter Obi sends stark warning to Nigeria leaders

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the 2023 elections, has issued a stark warning to Nigerian leaders, comparing the nation’s current state to the Titanic disaster.

Obi’s comments were made during an interview with Arise News on Democracy Day, marking 25 years of Nigeria’s democratic practice.

Drawing a parallel with the ill-fated Titanic, Obi remarked, “What happened to the Titanic is what is happening in Nigeria. While it was going down, people on the upper deck were busy dancing until the whole thing collapsed. That’s what is happening now.”

Peter Obi criticized the country’s leadership for their apparent disregard of warning signs and the gravity of the nation’s challenges. He accused them of maintaining an extravagant lifestyle while the majority of Nigerians grapple with severe hardships.

“You’re supposed to show a clear plan. It is not enough to say we’re going to go through problems. If we’re going to go through problems, this is very simple,” Obi stated. “We should change and do things rightly. We can change and manage corruption and everything and all that.”

Obi’s remarks are particularly poignant as Nigeria commemorates its 25th year of democracy. He emphasized the necessity of having a clear and actionable plan to address the nation’s issues, rather than ignoring the evident warning signs, similar to how the Titanic’s crew neglected the iceberg warnings.

Highlighting the need for integrity and proactive measures, Obi urged Nigerian leaders to take responsibility and steer the country towards sustainable development, avoiding the fate of the Titanic by addressing the pressing issues head-on.

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