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“What I did to man who offered me money for Sex” — Phyna



"What I did to man who offered me money for Sex" -- Phyna

Phyna of the Big Brother Naija reality show fame recently opened up on facing sexual harassment from a male fan at a nightclub.

The former reality show star revealed the male fan made a proposal of N5 million to her to engage in sex with him.

Taking to her podcast “Spill With Phyna,” Phyna who also goes by her real name, Josephina Otabor took to social media to share how the situation penned out.

She said,

“I went to a club one day, club wey be say I dey ball. I dey turn up by myself. One guy just come with chains all over his neck and said, ‘Hi, Phyna. I am your fan. I want to take a picture.’ We took pictures. And then he was like, ‘Can I spend the night with you for N5 million?’

Phyna shared her experience with the male fan to disuade the popular notion that labels reality stars as “runs girls” or by the infamous term (social sex workers).

“I looked at him and asked him to call his account number for me to credit him N5 million so he can leave. And he was like, ‘No, I’m sorry, that’s not what..’ And I asked him to leave my presence.” she revealed.

Her guest star on the podcast, Uriel, claimed that “the narrative of Big Brother girls being into runs or collecting monies for favours is something that comes with the platform. The organisers already highlighted it. They already put it out there.”

Phyna however was quick to rebuff the idea:

“I’m not sure it’s the platform. Because the platform is not asking you to sell your body or do high-class runs.”