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Mohbad: Tonto Dikeh goes rogue on VerydarkMan



Mohbad: Tonto Dikeh goes rogue on VerydarkMan

Popular Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has taken legal action against well-known social media critic, VeryDarkMan, by involving the police in the ongoing feud that relates deceased artiste, Mohbad.

The critic had previously criticized Tonto Dikeh and fellow actress Iyabo Ojo for their alleged involvement in the case surrounding the late singer Mohbad, suggesting that their motives were not genuinely focused on seeking justice for the deceased musician.

Providing an update on the situation through a social media post on Wednesday evening, Tonto Dike informed the public about her response to VeryDarkMan’s comments.

The actress shared that she has officially reported the social media critic to the police, a move captured in a now-viral post. The post features VeryDarkMan signing documents in the presence of police officers at a police station.

Captioning the post, Tonto Dikeh conveyed her message by stating, “Let it begin. When a child thinks he’s grown enough to talk to elders.”

Tonto Dike didn’t hold back as she called out prominent figures, including Tunde Ednut and Iyabo Ojo, in a separate social media post.

Addressing Tunde Ednut directly, Dike emphasized the concept of retribution, stating,

“@mazitundeednut what goes around comes around! Tunde, you can’t promote societal ills, blatant falsehood, and unfounded criminal accusations and expect glowing accolades from the very people you have soiled their names.”

Turning her attention to Iyabo Ojo, Dike expressed her disappointment in a pointed message,

“@iyaboojofespris look at your @mazitundeednut that is one of your favorites but has ganged up to intimidate, harass, and drown your public advocacy, high tower reputation, and unparalleled social empowerment on the altar of selfishness and narrow-minded interests.

“You are arrogantly supporting despicable, mind-boggling, and concocted figments of imaginations!”

Dike continued with a warning,

“You can delete my comment off your page, but take it home, your page won’t last forever, and sooner than later, fate shall rest the same energy on you and all yours!”