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What Enzo Fernandez is suffering from according to Chelsea boss



What Enzo Fernandez is suffering from according to Chelsea boss

Chelsea midfielder, Enzo Fernandez has found himself in distress following the Carabao Cup clash against Newcastle United.

According to reports, a chronic injury had forced the Chelsea star off the pitch, resulting to an emotional moment that was caught on camera after the game.

The World Cup winner started in Chelsea’s Tuesday encounter against Newcastle in the Carabao Cup, but his appearance was short-lived as he had to be substituted in the first half. Despite Chelsea securing a spot in the semi-finals with a 4-2 penalty shootout victory, Fernandez’s departure raised concerns.

Mauricio Pochettino, Chelsea‘s manager, shed light on Fernandez’s abrupt exit from the game during a conversation with The Daily Mail.

Pochettino revealed that Fernandez had been feeling unwell even before the match commenced. As Fernandez took to the field, his condition did not improve, prompting him to request to be substituted due to his deteriorating health.

Pochettino stated:

“He felt sick… He didn’t feel well before the game and then when he started to play, it wasn’t going well. He asked to come out because he wasn’t feeling well.”

Moreover, Pochettino expressed concern over Fernandez’s evident emotional distress post-match.

The player, visibly upset and in tears, was seen wearing his hood while being comforted by Nicolas Jackson on the pitch after Chelsea’s triumph over Newcastle.

The situation seems more complex than initially indicated, with Argentine journalist Gaston Edul unveiling additional details about Fernandez’s condition.

Edul disclosed that Fernandez is grappling with a ‘chronic’ pubalgia issue, a problem that demands rest or specific treatment to mitigate discomfort during play without exacerbating the injury.

Comparisons were drawn to Juventus forward Dusan Vlahovic, who encountered similar pubalgia problems, resulting in Paris Saint-Germain’s hesitance regarding the player’s condition and potentially impeding a transfer deal.