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Vice Chancellor confirms abduction of Kogi Students



Vice Chancellor confirms abduction of Kogi Students

In a harrowing incident on Thursday night, bandits launched a brazen attack on the Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara, Okene, in Kogi State, resulting in the abduction of several students. The assailants struck around 9 p.m., catching the students off guard as they prepared for their upcoming exams.

According to eyewitnesses, the bandits infiltrated the university premises under the cover of darkness, making their way through the bush and into three lecture halls where students were studying. In a terrifying display, the attackers fired shots into the air, creating chaos and panic among the students trapped inside.

“The school was thrown into total confusion,” one source recounted, “as fear-stricken students in other halls scurried to safety, scampering in various directions.” Despite the valiant efforts of local security guards and the conventional security personnel stationed at the gate, the bandits managed to abduct a number of students before being engaged.

Fortunately, swift action from security forces helped to contain the situation, preventing further harm as the attackers were unable to extend their reach beyond the initial three halls. However, the ordeal left the university community shaken, with students forced to hide in the surrounding bush for over an hour before venturing out cautiously.

The incident occurred just days before the commencement of the first-semester examinations scheduled for Monday, May 13, adding to the distress and anxiety already felt by students and faculty alike.

Confirming the attack, Vice Chancellor of CUSTEC, Prof. Abdulraman Asipita, acknowledged the incident but declined to disclose the exact number of students abducted.

“I don’t talk to journalists on incidents like this but I want you to know that we are on top of the situation.”

Kogi State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Bethrand Onuoha, and State Security Adviser, Retired Cdre Jerry Omodara are yet to make a statement on the report.