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Suspected herdsmen kill three in attack on Kogi community



In a tragic turn of events, suspected herdsmen launched a deadly attack on Ajokpachi Odo community in Kogi State.

The assailants claimed the lives of at least three individuals and inflicted terror by looting motorbikes and food supplies.

This assault comes shortly after a similar attack on the neighbouring Agojeju Odo community, where over 20 innocent lives were lost.

Eyewitnesses revealed that the attack occurred during a surveillance mission conducted by local youths, who fell prey to the ambush orchestrated by the suspected herdsmen.

Nifu Abuka, a community leader, described the harrowing experience of spending the night in hiding, highlighting the prevalent fear among residents.

Abuka stressed the urgent need for government intervention, stating, “We are perpetually living in fear and don’t know who will be the next victim.”

Abuka emphasized the dire consequences, including the displacement of survivors and heightened food insecurity, urging both federal and Kogi state governments to take proactive measures.

“Presently, the survivors have fled their ancestral homes, and if not checked, it would worsen food security in the area,” he said.

Marknoble Peter Edibo, Chairman Caretaker Committee of Omala Local Government Council, echoed Abuka’s sentiments, underscoring the severity of the crisis.

Edibo implored the Federal Government to declare the insecurity in the area a national emergency and deploy security forces to safeguard border communities.

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