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Kogi State: Woman reports daughter missing after business trip to Lokoja



Kogi State: Woman reports daughter missing after business trip to Lokoja

Mrs. Ramot Yakubu from Okenne, Kogi State, is desperately seeking her missing daughter, Hamidat Abdulrafiu, who disappeared after travelling to Lokoja on June 18, 2024.

Hamidat, 32, a businesswoman dealing in unisex clothing, was last heard from on June 19, when her phone became unreachable.

According to Mrs. Ramot, Hamidat regularly visited Lokoja to meet clients and collect payments.

Upon her arrival, she confirmed her safe arrival but ceased communication the next day, prompting concern among family members. Efforts to locate her daughter, including visits to the police and inquiries in Lokoja, have yielded no leads.

On June 19, it was reported that Hamidat left her accommodations in Lokoja around 8:00 pm after receiving a call. Her personal belongings and untouched food in her room indicate an abrupt departure.

Police Officer John Stephen from Adavi Police Divisional Headquarters confirmed the family’s report and assured ongoing efforts to locate Hamidat. Despite their efforts, there have been no ransom demands or threats reported.

Mrs. Ramot appeals for public assistance in locating her daughter, emphasizing the family’s deep concern for Hamidat’s safety and well-being. Anyone with information is urged to contact the authorities immediately.

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